The yogakayak was priced at the annual Montreal institute of design competition.

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Game –1 Throwing with the hands, low paddle, 3 periods of 20 minutes each.

Net’s must be centered at each end of a semi Olympic pool. On the lake the floating nets should be at same distance ( 25 meters, 82,5 feets ) but players can go around and score in the two sides. Wind will determine the orientation of the nets.

This game is the safest you can play with no helmet but have to be cautious not to hit players on the head with paddle.

Paddle as to be down when close to a player.
Players must lower down the paddle when close to adversary and use there hands.
Player can sink or capsize other player’s Yogakayak.

Player cannot stand up when closer than 8 feet to the side of the pool.
This is to avoid any accidents hitting pool side when falling.
On a lake player can stand up and throw the ball anywhere as long as they are 8 feet away from a duck.

Player as to throw the ball when he as it. Players cannot keep the ball in the boat and paddle.
Player can paddle and push the ball in the water at the same time.

Two passes must be done to validate one point.
The ball has to be in the net on any side and stay in the circle formed by the pool noodles to validate a point.

In a pool players can use the back wall to rebound the ball.

Diving boards must be lifted out of the water or protected by foams to avoid head injuries when playing.

If player is out of the Yogakayak he or she cannot throw the ball. He must get back in the boat to do so.

The adversary can be capsized or slinked so he is forced to throw the ball.
This makes the game more fun and active.

If a player makes a fault he is punished by sitting on the side of the pool for 3 minutes or on the duck if in the lake.

Be careful the game can be risky.
Make sure a certified lifeguard is there at all time.
It is better to use small windsurf shoes or sandals to prevent skin scratches.
It is better to wear an helmet and lifejackets, specially if you play competitively.
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