The yogakayak was priced at the annual Montreal institute of design competition.

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Mayak Polo
The Mayak is the model favorite for kid's and rental. It's made of low density polyethelene very rigged and easy to use.

The Mayak polo is a team sport with two teams of five players. Each player takes place in a Mayak and compete with a water-polo ball on a rectangular body of water for tree periods of twenny minutes. The winning team is the one who scored the highest number of goals.

This sport is often described as a mix of kayaking, basketball and water polo. The tactics and the game itself is similar to, basketball and water-polo, but with the added complexity of ships, in terms of positioning to shoot, moving yourself, and protecting the ball.

The Mayak polo is played indoors in a pool, or outside on calm water (a lake or a river with little current).

Already 10 teams competes in Europe, the US and Canada. Register your team on this site to win the annual grand price.

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