The city of Montreal is very satisfied with the purchasing of 40 Yogakayak for their day camp special program ( Evasion ). They had 8000 kids go Yogakayak. No other device would have that made possible. Counsellors where specially pleased with the ergonomic design that permits kids to control the craft in no time.

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Mayak Polo
The Mayak is the model favorite for kid's and rental. It's made of low density polyethelene very rigged and easy to use.

The Mayak polo is a team sport with two teams of five players. Each player takes place in a Mayak and compete with a water-polo ball on a rectangular body of water for tree periods of twenny minutes. The winning team is the one who scored the highest number of goals.

This sport is often described as a mix of kayaking, basketball and water polo. The tactics and the game itself is similar to, basketball and water-polo, but with the added complexity of ships, in terms of positioning to shoot, moving yourself, and protecting the ball.

The Mayak polo is played indoors in a pool, or outside on calm water (a lake or a river with little current).

Already 10 teams competes in Europe, the US and Canada. Register your team on this site to win the annual grand price.

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